Welcome to ssRSS GPL home!

What is it?

ssRSS (Super Simple RSS) - is a RSS generation tool. As you might guess - it is simple to use. And as you might understand - it is simple by nature, so it does not support all RSS features (at least not yet).

Why another RSS gen?

I don't know. For some reason I could not find free RSS gen tool, which does not require 20M of .NET runtime, is easy to use and clean in interface. Finally I found this one, but it was abandoned by original author, Hunter Davis (http://www.hunterdavis.com/). It is far from perfect, but has some good basis I hope to polish.
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What it is NOT?

  • It is not a full featured RSS editor;
  • It does not support all rss fields;
  • ... so it can not load feeds created by other tools.


  • It supports most important fields;
  • It can create feeds from scratch and load them later for editing;
  • Finally, it is free, small, and runs from flash.

I hope it will be useful for newbies wanting to get their RSS quickly. Later on you can easily move to more advanced editors.


Getting support for ssRSS

You can use forum area at projects details page to post your messages/requests/bug reports about ssRss.

Is ssRSS free?

Yes, ssRSS is completely free. Sources code is also available at download section.
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